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Emerging Uses of FDA-Approved Drugs


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Journalists Ed Susman and Bruce Sylvester created this site in 2001. It is funded through unrestricted educational grants.

Susman has been  a medical writer for twenty-five years. His work appears in the LA Times Syndicate, UPI, MSNBC, The Lancet, Oncology Times and numerous other print and electronic media.

Sylvester is a writer whose work has appeared for twenty years in the Christian Science Monitor, the LA Times Syndicate, The Cox News Syndicate, the Copley News Syndicate, the Reader's Digest and most recently at UPI.

There is a new editor of RxSentinel he is Ric Susman. Who can be reached via email at rxsusman@yahoo.com.

RxSentinel was born of an awareness of the lack of one news source devoted exclusively to the subject of  emerging uses of FDA-approved drugs. 

Note: Our original stories are yours to use with no charge for (or conditions of) re-publication.  Let us know when and where the stories will reappear.  This will help us in our grant-seeking efforts and insure the ongoing availability of our information.